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Opalescent represents the universe within each of us and community through creative expression. Our event aims to strike balance in every detail and translate that balance to those participating. Featuring artistic mediums ranging from a myriad of painting styles and sculptors, to fashion designers, performance artists, and musicians – Opalescent is a creative space for creators to express & inspire. Join us at Shady Park on March 7th for our one-of-a-kind MicroFestival. Feel the harmony and become your vision.

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Event Info

Date: SATURDAY, March 7., 2020
Location: Shady Park, Tempe, AZ  (26 E University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281)

3.7.20 – SHADY PARK

For the second installment of Opalescent, our host is the legendary indoor/outdoor live music venue, Shady Park. Located in downtown Tempe and fully equipped with PK sound, we are set to have a brilliant audio experience surrounded by illuminated trees. The community vibes are strong here. We will expand on those connections further with Opalescent: Synthesis, providing an immersive event which Shady Park has never seen before.

9.14.19 – ALWUN HOUSE

Our host was Alwun House, the first gallery and independent nonprofit arts organization in downtown Phoenix. The Alwun is a unique visionary sustainable park which has enriched the creative urban experience in Phoenix since 1971.  We were honored to host the first Opalescent in this intimate garden atmosphere and create a transformative art experience to contribute to the growth of the Phoenix art scene.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Alwun House Foundation.


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SmoaklandSproutGrackle BeatsLabsSunn RaysGamma Ghost

This is a collaborative space filled with artists of varied mediums, including you! We welcome your participation and encourage you to play in the space and feel creatively inspired. Bring your flow toys, your smile, and your open mind for maximum art absorption.

The purpose behind Opalescent is to encourage those participating to learn more about themselves and their passions through an appreciation of art and connection to others. This one night localist gathering will implement more purposeful activities to create a unique experience through the elements of ritual, community, art, and music. In transforming this space into an art wonderland, there will be a performance team to mesmerize, live painting to show the process, visual art for gazing, vendors for showcasing their creations, and the highest quality sounds for you to boogie, among many other treats. The flow will be from the front patio where the art begins, through the restaurant with some of the best ramen and sushi in the valley, out into the garden where there will be organic bass sounds into the night.

This is a local driven gathering for our community and strengthening of our scene. Please invite friends and the people you would like to share this artful night with, being mindful for how you and your crew approach this beautiful communal space. It is you that will make this the special event it is.

This will be a 21+ event with beverages so please bring your ID

Be aware of your impact.


reduce – reuse – recycle is more than a statement, it is a practice. Let us care for our Earth while we celebrate the life it allows us through making sustainable choices. We encourage you to reuse your cups and straws to contribute to this mission.


Respecting others creates the space we can all thrive in. Please be mindful and respect boundaries while taking responsibility for your actions. We do not tolerate aggressive or disrespectful behavior.


February 20, 2020


Opalescent MicroFestival Releases Lineup for Second Installment “Synthesis”

By: Marissa Novel The essence of Opalescent, much like the gem of its namesake, is hard to completely capture. With an undeniable luminosity, its mission is liberating bordering disruptive. More..