July 18, 2019


3.7.20 – SHADY PARK

For the second installment of Opalescent, our host is the legendary indoor/outdoor live music venue, Shady Park. Located in downtown Tempe and fully equipped with PK sound, we are set to have a brilliant audio experience surrounded by illuminated trees. The community vibes are strong here. We will expand on those connections further with Opalescent: Synthesis, providing an immersive event which Shady Park has never seen before.

9.14.19 – ALWUN HOUSE

Our host was Alwun House, the first gallery and independent nonprofit arts organization in downtown Phoenix. The Alwun is a unique visionary sustainable park which has enriched the creative urban experience in Phoenix since 1971.  We were honored to host the first Opalescent in this intimate garden atmosphere and create a transformative art experience to contribute to the growth of the Phoenix art scene.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Alwun House Foundation.